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Staff and spear head attachable and interchangeable. Weapons item or Bo and Spear practice attaches to wood handle and can be changed. Martial Arts Weapons Sticks Arnis Escrima Kali Pair Of Sticks Set Martial Arts Weapons Sticks Escrima Ultimate
This Colombian Warrior Spear Head can be attached to virtually any wooden handle and used as an effective makeshift survival spear or thrusting spike. The 6 1/2" thick, hefty, razor sharp blade is constructed of SK5 high carbon steel with a black oxide coating for a non-glare finish. The high quality of the steel allows you to maintain a razor sharp edge all the time, and the black finish provides a non-reflective appearance.This spearhead will fit any standard 15/16" wooden handle. It's 10 3/4" in overall length. Martial Arts Weapons Sticks Pair Of Arnis Escrima Kali Sticks Set Martial Arts Weapons Sticks Escrima Ultimate
Martial Arts Supplies Sticks Without Skin