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Out of all MA supply Companies on line that I have tried you guy just rock. You are the best I've found. - Bill Ferguson

I received the order in record time ! Very satisfied ! Patrick Morris

I am very pleased with the new jujitsu uniform that I purchased through Sakura. Ordering online was simple and quick. There were no problems with the shipping. 

Many thanks to the staff at Sakura. I have already recommended you to others at our dojo.


Yes, I have received my order.

Also, you folks have been outstanding to work with. Between the easy, expeditious communication via E-mail and the thoughtful customer service, I will be honored to refer my fellow Martial Artists to your business.

Thank you again,


Wonderful. I would prefer that you not use my last name or title information, but you are more than welcome to use my first name.

Thanks again.


Thanks for the quick and efficient delivery of my order, it was very well packaged and I am pleased to find the merchandise was exactly as advertised... no gimmicks just good service all around!

Craig Deveau

Dear Sakura M.A.

I am very pleased with the speed of delivery and the quality of the products you offer for Martial Arts lifestyles. It is refreshing to know that you can order with no hassles and conduct safe transactions over the internet with your company. Again, I thank you for setting the standard for Martial Arts Supply via the web, and I look forward to future business with Sakura.


Christopher Wetzel

You can use my problem. Glad I could help.

Thanks for the opportunity to let others know how good Sakura really is. And to be perfectly honest, I really felt like a valued customer from day one. Thanks again.

Chris Wetzel

As with my previous order, the package arrived in great condition and before I expected it. With my first order I wasn't sure what to expect and I was very happy with the results. With my second order I didn't even think about it. I knew it would be handled professionally and arrive on time.

Michelle Brown

Yes, I have received the product. I appreciate the follow-up. I definitely will be purchasing more products in the future and Sakura will be my first stop.


Stephen Chandler

I received the order in record time ! Very satisfied !

Patrick Morris

My entire order was on time and intact. I was very impressed with the professional follow-up after I placed my order. Recently I ordered from a competitor just to see what was offered. Their customer service wasn't even close to the level Sakura provides. They also provided no follow-up after my order. I have shopped around different vendors of martial arts equipment and I have yet to find one that can even match the reliability, professionalism, and convenience of Sakura-0.


-Carson Rutherford

Yes, please do include my comment if you would like. I am very impressed with the way I have always been treated as a customer. The best thing is that it is consistent. Every order I have placed has had the same professional customer service and detailed follow-up.

you guys are the ****!!



I am going to bullet this since there are many reasons:

1. You had everything I was looking for (I box and thought I would give MA a try) 

2. Unlike every other MA store your User Interface was clean, well presented, and included pictures of the items 

3. You posted your address and 800 numbers clearly (most of your "competitors" don't even have 800 numbers) 

4. I searched (rec.martial-arts) for reviews and most were very favorable 

5. You are not a fly by night. I noticed ads in the news groups dating back several years. 

6. You offer useful information and advice unrelated to your stores

Those are the primary reasons I chose your company. It didn't hurt that your prices are actually better than other places. I would rather pay a little more for quality and security and I feel fortunate that I found a company that offers both and excellent prices.

Cameron Cole

Everyone At Sakura!

I would like to say thanks for giving me the great service you have provided. The products I had purchased were shipped quickly, and arrived in perfect condition. I will recommend Sakura to everyone in my dojo.

Again Thank You


I received my order and am 100% satisfied. I have ordered from many places of the net and yours is by far the best service I have received. I would like to thank you at Sakura for such a friendly and prompt service. The only comment I have to make is keep everything the way it is. Satisfied customer

 Bill Smales

Yeah you can quote me. You deserve every positive comment you get.

Thank you, I was pleased with the promptness and the quality of my Sai case I ordered. I will be glad to do business with you again. I am also webmaster for our karate school and have a list of links on it. I have put a link to your company on my web site so that others in my class can use it if they like. If this is a problem, please let me know. Otherwise, I was glad to put it there.

Kelly Brewer

Dear Sakura,

Everything that I have done with your company has gone very well and I salute you. You have handled everything cheerfully and quickly and you have kept great correspondence with me. I _will_ do business with you again!


Brett Wahab

Dear Sakura,

Feel free to quote me again. I liked your Customer comments page. It just proves to everyone else how good you are!

Brett Wahab

I just wanted to let you guys know I received my order yesterday and it was perfect. As you know buying martial arts equipment is necessary but most times expensive and time consuming thing for those of us who train, and it's not always easy to find the things we need. I buy most of my gear on line but I have to tell you you guy have the most well rounded selection and fastest shipping time I have ever seen. Buying from you has been a pleasure and you can be sure I'll be doing t again.

Bill Ferguson

Thank you.  I have ordered from your company many times before and I must say out of all MA supply Companies on line that I have tried you guy just rock. You are the best I've found.

Bill Ferguson

Package was received on time and in perfect condition. I am very happy with my purchase, and your service was formidable. I will definitely use Sakura for any future purchases I intend to make. Thank you so much.


Bill Gomez

Your service was extremely fast and professional. Overall, I am happy with the quality look and flexibility (with the number of belts) of the display--especially for this price. And the product came nicely packaged, on time, and undamaged. Your website is also easy to navigate, which I appreciate compared to some others out there! Thanks for asking for feedback as well--it shows you are a conscientious distributor. I would recommend your site (and have) to friends.

-Bev Manzano

We received everything in ample time for the holidays (great Xmas presents!), all neatly packaged into just the right size box. The products are great, fit great, and were well received by my son. When I called with a question about sizing, and later to add another item to the order, as always your customer service rep's were courteous, friendly, and helpful.

-Bev Manzano

Yes, feel free to use my testimonial. Thanks again for the doing a great job.

Excellent service!! Thanks!

-Ben Wheaton

I've dealt with many online companies before, but you guys are the best. Your ordering is easy and the shipping is fast. I just want to thank you for everything and to state that if I have anymore needs I'm coming to you guys first. Thanks again, 

Scott Beeson

You may quote me. You guys rule! 

Scott Beeson

I was very happy with the order. Not only did it arrive in a very prompt manner but everything was invoiced properly and I got everything I bought. Rather than waiting for a backorder to be filled. I will order from Sakura again soon. Nice Web site I visit often. Kamsa Hamnae Da 

Amy Barrow

To Whom it May Concern: Thank you for your quick response in this matter. Yes my questions were taken care of in a very timely matter. I received my package and was thrilled that I received what I ordered. Thank you for your excellent service. I look forward to ordering again in the near future.

Mrs. Rodriguez

Everything was delivered, the packaging was fine. Being kept updated on the status of my order was great. I don't receive this kind of communication with other vendors.  Thank You

Clarence Blair

My selections were delivered in good condition, packaging was good and timeliness was excellent. This was for my Grandson who by the way tested successfully for his 2nd Degree Black Belt, He was very pleased with the merchandise. I have ordered in the past and will do so in the future. Thank You, 

Clarence F. Blair -- Duke Blair

I've received the package. The quality of items was excellent, more so than I expected. You guys got all my future business. Thanks!

Arkadios Kakaras

I have received my order in a timely fashion. Your customer service is excellent, and I will continue to do business with you. Thank you. Regards, 

Alan Carlisle

Thank you for sending me the tracking number for my order. I am very impressed with your customer service and web site. I am sure I will continue to use Sakura for future orders.

Ann La Porte

Hi there.

Just confirming that I have gotten all your e-mails, including the below message in regards to tracking info for my shipment. I must say that I was surprised that it got shipped out that quickly! You have got to be the fastest online site I have ever shopped....for anything! I look forward to receiving my items.

Thank you.


Hi there.

I just received my items today. All I can say is....  THANK YOU!!! ^_^

Wow! That has got to be the fastest order I've EVER gotten from ANY online store! In just a few days from when I made my order, I received a tracking number for my UPS shipment. Now...only 3 days later from receiving the tracking number...I have what I ordered! I have already erased all the other bookmarks I had for martial arts equipment...Sakura is the only one I will EVER go to again! Fast delivery, ecological packaging (recycled boxes is the way to go), and the best martial arts equipment can one go wrong?!

Again, thank you VERY much. You are the BEST! ^_^


P.S.- You may quote my praise to your site. 


I have been trying to get this book (Tote Jitsu) for two years in Australia, they all told me I couldn't get it, never heard of it, isn't in print anymore etc.. I am skeptical of using credit card over the net, like a lot of people, but eight days after the postal service said it left America, it arrived, thank you Sakura.

I will tell my fiends. If you want to send a html link and a picture to go with it I'd be glad to put it on my Club Website. Thanks again.

Andrew Payne 

Hi Shannon, 

As usual, our order was exactly as expected. We received everything in good condition. This particular order took a bit longer to fill. But given everything that's been going on in our country, some delays are to be expected. Thanks for checking up on my order. 

Amy Starzinski 

 Please feel free to use my comments. You run an A-one website and business. 

Amy Starzinski

Dear Sakura Staff, I recently ordered a set of forearm guards and head gear from your site. They were delivered today, and I would just like to say that I am more than satisfied with the entire transaction. My merchandise was delivered promptly and in good condition. Moreover, I was pleased that Sakura remained in contact with me throughout the transaction. After I received my tracking number, I responded as requested, and then Sakura sent a nice note thanking me for my business. I will definitely give you my future on-line business. Thank you. 

Sakura Staff, 

Regarding your wish to quote my letter of appreciation on-line, feel free to do so, but please do not use my name. Thanks a lot. 

Hi, I was VERY PLEASED to receive my order with so much promptness. As, as matter of fact, I referred a fellow classmate of mine to your site & he is just as well pleased.. KEEP UP THE GREAT SERVICE.. Sincerely, 

Patty Gerald

Thank you Shannon for the e-mail. I received my order very quickly and was pleased with what I received. I have had many compliments on the gear bag I purchased and I am very glad to have all the room it provides me. Your prices at sakura-0 have been the best I have found and I believe I have found a few more customers for you. Thank you again for your e-mail, and I hope to order from you again soon.


Adam Sharp

I would have absolutely no problem with you guys posting my comments. I think it is very professional of you to ask. Out of all the online ordering and in-person shopping I have done I would have to say this is the best customer service I have ever been shown. You guys can always count on my patronage.

-Adam Sharp

Dear All, Thank you for the both the Christmas and New Years cards. Having been a customer for 4 years, it's great to see you all are still going strong.

Happy Holidays (humble bow)


Dear All, The pictures I ordered recently came through in good shape and in about a week's time. Since I've placed several orders with Sakura over the past 3 years, there was no need to worry. The service has always been excellent, down to the greeting cards sent to customers on holidays (a nice touch).

Well done and thank you, 

Michael Greenway

Dear All, Thank you for the both the Christmas and New Years cards. Having been a customer for 4 years, it's great to see you all are still going strong.

Happy Holidays (humble bow)


Hi Sakura People,

I have ordered from you three times so far and have not been disappointed! Even when I called with a rather technical question every effort was made to give me a swift and accurate answer. Every time I order I receive it quicker than expected and always well packed and intact. With so much e-commerce about these days, and with so little "customer service" I am very pleased to be able to use your site and services so easily, and with so much satisfaction, not to mention the excellent prices! Please accept my grateful thanks, you will have my business for as long as I can carry on training. I am going to email your link to the Corporate Headquarters people at my studio - this they need to see and be able to utilize!

Thanks again and I wish you all a very safe and prosperous New Year!

~Steve Shead


Please, feel free to quote me on your web site. I would gladly endorse your services!

~Steve Shead

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