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Revolution ITEM: REV-5002-A1
Premium Blend
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Martial Arts Performance Protein Meal Alternatives
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Product Code: REV-5002-A1


Perhaps because the DENSITY formula is so clean and straightforward in appearance, it is frequently overlooked. It may in fact be the most overlooked, underutilized and powerful amino acid formula ever developed for sports nutrition applications.

What: DENSITY by Beverly is an advanced formula complete with all 8 of the amino acids considered essential in the diet of healthy adult humans. These are known as the essential amino acids (EAA). DENSITY offers power and flexibility unique from any other amino acid formula developed to date.

Additional Information

Who: It is indicated for anyone seeking to preserve or enhance their lean muscle mass, or who for other reasons wish to increase their intake of essential amino acids (EAA). Density is the number 1, most important supplement for the advanced athlete who is training and dieting to compete as a bodybuilder or fitness athlete who wishes to achieve maximum fat loss while retaining muscle. It is also excellent for the person who has a restricted nutrtional program, poor eating habits, or compromised health issues.

Why: When used as a supplement to the diet and a regular program of resistance exercise, DENSITY can provide benefits including but not limited to (where ↑ = "increases" or "enhances" and ↓ = "decreases"):

↑ circulating essential amino acid (EAA) levels
↑ nitrogen balance ↑ protein synthesis (anabolism)
↓ protein breakdown (catabolism)
↑ anabolic efficiency of meals*
↑ muscle thickness, density & definition
↑ muscle strength & endurance
↑ neurotransmitter synthesis
↑ cognitive performance
↑ mood
↓ muscle soreness

*Meals can differ remarkably in their anabolic efficiency. By raising circulating EAA levels before, during and after eating, DENSITY can improve the anabolic efficiency of meals of any kind, whether or not they contain protein calories. DENSITY can also be used to provide a protective anabolic/anti-catabolic "roof" over your muscles in between meals or before bed.

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