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Weapons ITEM: WEA-9014-A1
small weighted ends 25 Inch chain
Class Sak-03

Martial Arts Weapons Manrikigusari Chain Kusari Fundo Small
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Product Code: WEA-9014-A1

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WEA-9014-B1 Color Black Size 25 Inches
WEA-9014-B2 Color Silver Size 25 Inches

Martial arts weapons Manrikigusari Manriki Kusari Kusari Fundo weighted chain. Chain with small weights attached to both ends. Comes in 25 inch lengths with choice of Black or chrome finish.  (Prohibited in CA, NY and MA)
Additional Information
Kusari-fundo From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Antique Japanese kusari fundo-manriki. Kusari-fundo is a hand held weapon used in feudal Japan consisting of a length of chain (kusari) with a weight (fundo) connected to each end of the chain. Various sizes and shapes of chain and weight were used as there was no set rule on the construction of these weapons. Other popular names are manrikigusari meaning ten thousand power chain or just manriki.

1 Parts of the kusari-fundo
1.1 The chain (kusari)
1.2 The weight (fundo)

The kusari of a kusari fundo. Typically the length of the forged chain could vary from around 12 inches up to 48 inches. The chain could have many different shapes including round, elliptical, and egg shaped. The thickness of the chain also varied. Usually the first link of chain attached to the weight was round and often larger and thicker than the rest of the links of the chain.

The weight (fundo) The fundo of a kusari fundo. The weight attached to each end of the chain could have many different sizes and shapes, the weights were usually exactly matched in size and shape but on some of the related chain and weight weapons the weights could be completely different from each other, with one weight being much longer than the other like a handle on one end or one weight could be round while the other weight could be rectangular. Weight shapes include round, hexagon, rectangle. The weight could be fairly light or quite heavy with the typical weight being from 56.25 grams to 112.5 grams.


The use of the kusari-fundo was taught in several different schools ryu- as a hidden or concealed weapon and as a self defense weapon. The kusari-fundo was useful when carrying a sword was not allowed or impractical, samurai police of the Edo period would use a kusari-fundo as one of their non lethal arresting weapons.


There are several chain and weight weapons with one type known as a konpi being mentioned in manuscripts as far back as the Nanbokucho period (1336-1392). The founder of the Masaki ryu- Masaki Tarodayu Dannoshin Toshiyoshi (1689-1776) is said to have developed a version of the kusari-fundo while serving Lord Toda as a bloodless weapon that could be used to defend the grounds of Edo castle.

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5 of 5 wea9014a1 September 27, 2012
Reviewer: david anthony from spartensburg, PA United States  
Same as below

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4 of 5 Kusari fundo July 28, 2012
Reviewer: George S from Sunderland, MD United States  
This is a good quality weapon. It would be better if the weights were shaped so they good be used as a yawara or fist load.  The 25 inch length is good for making strikes more controllable, while the 3 foot length is better for grappling applications where the chain is used to choke or bind the enemy.  Be careful! The weights bounce off things and come back and hit you if your taijutsu is not good!  This weapon requires a lot of teaining and practice.

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